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Supply Chain


In its simplest form supply chain is the system that moves products or services from supplier to consumer.    This system can be as simple as the truck that picks up the plants from the greenhouse grower and delivers them to the local framers’ market, or as complicated as including organizations, people, activities, technology, resources and information to transport a variety of products across the globe.  The main goal of supply chain management is to fulfill demand, on time, by the best and most efficient use of resources in order to minimize cost for both the customer and the supplier. 


Being a multifaceted logistics company, Global Relogistics is uniquely qualified to consult, devise, implement, and execute the most efficient and cost-effective supply chain system for your specific product(s) and market.  We combine liaising with suppliers and distributors, minimizing transportation costs by bulk timely transport using the time-efficient successful routes, managing ideal storage locations for fastest distribution,  in order to properly plan and flawlessly execute and maintain a supply chain system that will ensure the continued success and sustainability of your business and market growth.  Give us a call to find out more.